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Plugins Support

Imagine asking ChatGPT to extract the key points from a 2-hour long podcast instead of sitting through the whole thing. Plugins allow you to do this, plus a lot more! In simple terms it's an App store for ChatGPT.

250+ Plugins for you to use!

Yes, 250+ Plugins! That includes the Google Plugin which allows you bypass the knowledge cutoff of ChatGPT. Access Youtube, Weather, Creating Graphs, AI art and more!

Create Your Own Plugins

If you're somewhat knowledged in Javascript, creating plugins will be childplay for you with our plugin creator.

Prompts Library

You already know what prompts are, they're specific instructions given to ChatGPT on how it should think and respond.

1500+ High Quality Prompts

We have combed through the entire web and collected the best prompts for you to make your tasks much easier.

Create And Share Prompts

Export your prompts and share with your friends and family.

System Prompts

Imagine being able to chat with an expert on your favorite subject and learn directly from them. It is now possible with our System Prompts feature! They're special prompts that change the entire behavior of ChatGPT for the chat session.

AI Characters

Learn with a Socrat, Chat with a Philosopher, Do a mock interview with an Interviewer and more...

150+ System Prompts

Access a collection of 150+ AI characters from our library.

Personalize the AI

Infuse your personality by editing System Prompts, leading to personalized AI responses.

Secure and Private

You control your data.

Your API key is safe!

Your API key is never saved outside of your browser. You don't have to take my word for it, simply open your browser's inspect tools and check it for yourself!

Your messages are sent directly to OpenAI's servers.

Every message you send is directly sent to OpenAI, no chat message is sent to our servers. Again, You don't have to take my word for it, you can verify my claims!

Password Protect Your Chats

Yes, If password is set your chats will be encrypted with industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm when stored.

BONUS: OpenAI doesn't train on your data.

As per OpenAI's privacy policy, data sent through the API are not used for training their models.

And Many More!

Explore additional features to enhance your chatbot experience.

No Restrictions

Yes, no cap on usage, even for GPT-4! I know it is frustrating to pay for ChatGPT Plus and still be capped at 50 messages for 3 hours, but with PulsarChat there is no such caps.

Access to Multiple Models

Imagine for example, you want to summarize a 2-hour-long Lex Friedman podcast, but it's too long for AI's default memory size of 4K tokens. But with PulsarChat you can achieve this with bigger models (16K and 32K context sizes) with no problem at all!

Ability to Edit/Hack the Conversation

You can edit any message and steer the conversation in the direction you want. For example, you can edit AI's reply with your text and ask it to continue the conversation.

Customizable Looks

You change how the interface looks with 19 supported themes!

Pricing & Plans

No Subscription Bullshit!

Pay once, use as long as PulsarChat exists.

21-day Money Back Guarantee!

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  • Unlimited Plugins
  • Prompt Library
  • System Prompt Library
  • Password Protected Chats
  • Priority Support
  • Save Chat History
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$39 is the Early Bird price. It will increase to $69 after the launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions and get help with our service on this page.

PulsarChat is free, you can use it by entering your API keys straightaway. However, some features are limited and can only be unlocked with a license key. Remember: While PulsarChat is free you're still required to pay to your API service provider(OpenAI or OpenRouter) for what you use.


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