At last! You can now use plugins without ChatGPT Plus subscription

Imagine asking ChatGPT to extract the key points from a 2-hour long podcast instead of sitting through the whole thing. This can save hours of your daily time.

Plugins allow you to do exactly that! In simple terms it's an App Store for ChatGPT, it allows ChatGPT to access Google, summarize YouTube videos, and more... Yet, it is behind a $20/month subscription. Most people haven’t even got to see how useful it is until now...

Introducing PulsarChat

Now you can access 250+ ChatGPT plugins using PulsarChat for free! Not only that... you can create your own plugins with our plugin creator.

PulsarChat works with your OpenAI API key, so you only pay to OpenAI for what you use. For an average user, this is 10x cheaper than paying $20 every month with ChatGPT Plus subscription to have limited access to GPT4 (they charge even if you didn’t use it!).

With PulsarChat you can use GPT4 all day with no restrictions! If you don't have GPT4 access in your API Key, you can unlock it once you pay at least 1 OpenAI bill.

How it works

  • Get your OpenAI API Key (If you don't know how, stick till the end, I'll explain.)
  • Enter the key in PulsarChat
  • Start Chatting with Plugins!

Secure and Private

If you’re feeling paranoid about entering your API key on PulsarChat, know that your API key never leaves your browser!

All the messages you send go straight to OpenAI's servers and are only saved in your browser, nowhere else. Our website only tracks how often a feature is used to help me make that feature better. You don’t need to believe my words, you can open your browser inspect tools, and verify my claims.

BONUS: According to OpenAI's data privacy policy, they don’t use your chat logs for training their AI models if you're accessing ChatGPT with an API Key.

PulsarChat is not just ChatGPT+Plugins though, it is so MUCH more!

Prompts Library

You already know what prompts are, they're specific instructions given to ChatGPT on how it should think and respond. PulsarChat has a collection of 1600+ high-quality prompts in our prompts library for you to use, with the ability to create one on your own.

System Prompts Library (AI Characters)

Imagine being able to chat with an expert on your favorite subject and learn directly from them. It is now possible with our System Prompts feature! They're special prompts that change the entire behavior of ChatGPT for the chat session.

And PulsarChat comes with a library of 140+ System Prompts, with the ability to create one on your own. So you can learn faster and be more productive than ever before!

Password Protected Chats

I have already told you how PulsarChat is secure and private, add password-protected chats to that list! Yes, you can set individual passwords for your chat sessions. When you set a password, PulsarChat encrypts the conversations with the industry standard secure AES-256 encryption algorithm every time it saves them.

And a lot more features!

  • Imagine for example, you want to summarize a 2-hour-long Lex Friedman podcast, but it's too long for AI's default memory size of 4K tokens. But with PulsarChat you can achieve this with bigger models (16K and 32K context sizes) with no problem at all!
  • You can edit any message and steer the conversation in the direction you want. For example, you can edit AI's reply with your text and ask it to continue the conversation.
  • You change how the interface looks with 19 supported themes!

What’s the Catch?

PulsarChat is free, but some of the features have limited access. To use it without any limitations, you have to buy a license key. I’m planning to launch PulsarChat at a price of $69 for lifetime use but…

If you buy now, you can get it at a discounted price of $39 only. It’s a lifetime deal (buy once and you can use it as long as the product exists!). Now compare this to ChatGPT's $240/year subscription, I should honestly charge more!

Still not convinced? Although you can already try the product for free and decide, I’m also offering you a 21-day money-back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose here.

OK, enough of my TED talk... Try PulsarChat by visiting and clicking “Try it now”, or directly visit

PS: If you don't have an OpenAI API Key follow the steps described here.