GPT-4 Is 10x Better Than GPT 3.5, But If You're Unware Of It Here Is How You Can Try It Without Paying For It Upfront

GPT-4 is 10x better than GPT 3.5 but most people are unaware of this because it is behind a $20/month paywall...

Not anymore!

In this article, I will explain how you can try out GPT-4 without paying beforehand. So read along. 👇🏻

Don't mistake this for some free service, you still need to pay but it's dead cheap and you pay only after you use it! This isn't a trick, this is just another official way of accessing ChatGPT that only software developers are aware of.

You see... OpenAI is primarily an AI company, not a software product company so they make AI models and provide API access to them so that software developers can make apps with these AI models.

So being a developer I built this website called PulsarChat which allows you to use ChatGPT(including GPT-4) through OpenAI API Key.

If this is the first time you're going to get your API key there is a problem you should be aware of, OpenAI won't give you access to GPT-4 straightaway you need to pay at least 1 monthly bill to get GPT-4 unlocked, but...

I have a solution for this too, instead of getting an API Key from OpenAI just get it from OpenRouter instead.

If you don't know where to start I have 2 articles to guide you: